If we effort together, we can win togeether!

Post Series 1: But people should know us first!

This article was authored by @byprojectmanager.

In this post, I wrote my suggestions on what has been done so far to promote 100XCoin to people and how it can be promoted from now on.

The more realistic moves 100XCoin founder and CEO @KenTheCrypto makes, the more investors will trust and invest in 100xCoin. I observe that he is also aware of this.

There was a lot of demand for the airdrop event in a short time. When the amount of rewards to be distributed has been reached, the Airdrop event has ended. Within half an hour, 100xCoins were sent to everyone who attended the event and who suitable for. I see this very positively.

100XCoin should hold airdrop event for the second time in the near future! Thus, more people will recognize 100XCoin. If the airdrop is organized for the second time in a short time, there will be an opportunity to attract attention among these phenomena and investors.

@KenTheCrypto is constantly posting to promote 100X. He regularly broadcasts live on his Youtube channel every day. These publications are also an AMA activty. If they can also distribute gifts in these publications, more participants will recognize 100XCoin.

He announced that he will work with writers who know the crypto money market. We expect him to share the developments regarding this on his twitter account. Who was recruited as authors?

Shilling is organized. Winners were announced in a short time. I see this positively.

@KenTheCrypto actively using both personal and 100XCoin twitter accounts. In her personal account, she shares that supports 100XCoin. It’s very positive that Ceo did this. However, it is difficult to say this for the 100XCoin page. I have a criticism. Most of the time, @KenTheCrypto shares are retweeted on the 100XCoin page. However, in order to attract more investors, 100XCoin must be turned into a brand! 100X should be recognized as a brand equity! Shares made should be made with the 100X brand!

Sample twitter posts could be as follows:

100X is looking for article writers who can write about full time cryptocurrency.

Would you like to work with 100X?

In countries where 100XCoin has local telegram communities, 100XCoin t-shirts, hats and masks can be printed by contacting admins. Logo, twitter and telegram addresses. People who use them will attract attention as they wander the streets.

In my opinion, 2 more activities that I think will be more important and effective can be done:

- 100X after 3 years: In this public event, people can explain how or where they want to see 100XCoin in 3 years with a maximum of 250 characters. With this event, which will be held in different languages, an English collage of 10 finalist works can be created and shared on social media accounts.

- Synergistic Composition: Organized by the management team, people in different countries will form sentences describing 100XCoin in their own language. These sentences must be sentences that complement each other and are compatible with each other. Thus, an article can be produced.

I’m writing the first sentence:

Birlikte çabalarsak birlikte kazanabiliriz! (Türkiye)

(If we effort together, we can win togeether!) (Türkiye)

In the continuation of this sentence, our investor in another country determined by the management team will write a suitable sentence. Then an investor in another country will write. This way we’ll create a loop. This composition will be about 100XCoins. This composition will be created with the joint effort of everyone. Thus, everyone will have a common work. Just like we want everyone to own 100XCoin…

That’s all my suggestions for now…

I will share my new articles with you soon. In my next article, I will explain why people are interested in coins with plenty of zeroes.

Words fly away, writing remains. One of my investment strategies: Sometimes $1 is expensive, however $10 is cheap. Posts that do not contain investment advice.

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Words fly away, writing remains. One of my investment strategies: Sometimes $1 is expensive, however $10 is cheap. Posts that do not contain investment advice.